24 April 2014

Forever relate this tune to bittersweet that is Wong Kar Wai's In The Mood For Love.
Forever, for now.

22 January 2014


It's authors like Chekhov that makes me want to learn another language just to be able to read the original version of his works. 
It's authors like London that makes me appreciate simplicity and minimalism.
It's authors like Kerouac that makes me love the connection between the art of writing and emotions.
It's authors like Vonnegut and Palahniuk that makes me think.
It's authors with a distinct style of writing that makes me love to read. Honestly, I could care less about plots and stories when I'm in the mood to appreciate literature. When you talk to me about books, talk to me about the art of weaving and stringing words together, talk to me about how beautifully something is written. I'm not interested in knowing which books are interesting or exciting, unless we are speaking in terms of the use of language or unless we are not talking about books at all. Perhaps we are discussing an interesting idea and you have a good book in relation to the subject matter in mind, then please do share. Otherwise I'm not listening.
And when you tell me about a good book or a good author I should go check out, please tell me why you think I should read it besides from the fact that it's "really good".
On anooooooother note, I've got two kitties to take care of!

Officially a crazy cat lady. I'm very fond of both cats and dogs though! Actually love/hate for both. Love/afraid. 
Har har har what am I doing  😂 with everything  😂  😂  😂  😂

21 December 2013

Am I sorry for not neglecting this blog? No.
Miss me? Want to know what's up? Give me a call or text me.
Don't have my number? Suck it.

20 July 2013

Hahahaha omg why is there even a post with "a path y" as its content, I don't know but it's funny and I'm leaving it there.

Ah, these days besides fretting over my mini collection, I've been filled with hope and ambition and plans for my post graduation life. I'm thinking of doing something that doesn't relate to fashion at all. Enroll in language classes, study philosophy or fine art like how I've always wanted to. Go traveling.

09 June 2013

a path y

22 March 2013

03 March 2013

I believe there is no need for lies.

14 February 2013

03 January 2013

Hello, Bjork's house is amazing.
All about location, eh.

14 December 2012


"Knowing a great deal is not the same as being smart; intelligence is not information alone but also judgment, the manner in which information is collected and used."

- Carl Sagan

"Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgment of the facts of a situation. Then deciding what you're going to do about it."
- Kathleen Casey Theisen

And I decided to accept it. Le sigh.
Don't be like that. 
Just don't.

p/s I found my hat.

09 December 2012

Stuffy/Before my roots grow out

Where is my black hat?
I lost my black hat!
Where could it be?
My friend said it was a beanie.
She's wrong!
It's a crochet hat!
And it's missing!
Where have I left it? 
In the car?
In my bag?
In one of my bags?
In the pile of clothes?
In one of the pile of clothes?
My friend said I left it in the bin.
She's wrong!
I loved that hat!
I have to have it back!


I feel like abandoning everything and just give my all to my work. I don't know whether to just go for it or divide myself and my time for things that matter as well. Prioritizing and making decisions are a true pain in the ass for an extreme type P like me. 

I can be a workaholic if I really went for it. I could go on days straight without sleep, driven by anticipation and curiosity of what the final result may be. I'd more often be disappointed than proud of my works, believe it or not but that's another topic I'd rather not discuss.

Do you know how you've been through life with some things left unexplained? Like you can't quite figure out why something happened to you or why some people said some things about you and then one fine day you just see something about yourself being pointed out to you and suddenly there's a click and everything made sense?
Well I realize that I really am just too much of a realist to be a romantic.
But in my head I like to romanticize everything, my failures included. 

I'm an artist. I will always be an artist. 
I don't think I will ever consider myself as a fashion designer.

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies
The reason why I can't stand lies is because I don't understand the why. Are we all not in search of the truth? Or any kind of truth at all?

I find reality to be quite funny. Tedious little things we are. 

Maestro, a drum roll please, this is the golden age


05 December 2012

Love and obedience

comes hand in hand.

02 December 2012

Someone from Israel went on stalker mode on my blog yesterday.

22 November 2012

When the rain washes you clean, you'll know.

30 October 2012

Tim Walker

 David Sims

Ben Hibon

17 September 2012

The dark seeks dark

I've pillowed you so many times this week,
Close eyes, open, close again, forget and fall asleep.

10 September 2012

A circus motorcycle stunt performer falls in love with a cancer patient and their ending is similar to the final scene of an underrated film from the early 90's.

Woe, woe, woe.

I update so little! Barely 10 posts since April? I feel like there should be more, given the times I sign in
on this thing. (And the fact that I still receive traffic on a daily basis is cray yo.) 
Yet all I do was look at the blank space, not really knowing what to write to who.

Note to self: Stop asking people how they're doing if you're not interested in knowing.

Favourite -

In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread,
till thou return unto the ground;

for out of it wast thou taken:
for dust thou art, 
and unto dust shalt thou return.

Genesis 3:19